New Build
About This Project

Architecturally co-designed by Minimal Design and client, Nina Conradi, the Hidden Hills studio is focused on energy efficiency and smart, innovative construction methods.

Our client is originally from Europe and wanted to build a high performance home, using alternative building methods commonly seen overseas, but not yet seen readily here in New Zealand. The client worked alongside local architectural designer, Minimal Design, to create a collaborative design for the studio. The building was then pre-fabricated in Germany and once it arrived in Wanaka, the Niche team began construction.

With building performance and warmth in mind, the windows are triple glazed with solid wood surrounds, continuing the interior timber theme. The interior spruce wood panelling is knows as ‘Lunar Wood’. Wood is cut during the waning moon phase in which the sap enters a resting phase, allowing the timber to become more stable and durable, ideal qualities for this solid wood construction building method. The exterior cladding is all Ironbark timber and uses a dovetail fixing method – meaning glue is non-existent and nails and other fixings are kept to an absolute minimum.

Note: This project is ongoing, with the main house still under construction.