New Build – Greenhaven Drive, Christchurch

New Build
About This Project

Niche Design & Construction were engaged to build this suburban home after the Christchurch earthquake.

Located on Green Haven Drive, this house was built on a sandy platform and when the earthquake hit, the house crumbled. With severe structural damage, the home was deemed a re-build. The original house was then demolished and Kawhata was asked to build a new house on the cleared site.

This four bedroom, two bathroom home was built with a wooden subfloor to elevate the building from the ground and was clad in plaster and linearboard. Kawhata built retaining around the perimeter of the house and converted into planter boxes to hold grassed areas in place. The home owner could conveniently walk onto their deck and landscaped area without stepping down to a lower ground level.

Like many of the Christchurch sites, this build was technical in nature as the land was unstable so thought had to be given to how best to structure the house and make the indoor/outdoor flow seamless.